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Training opportunity

for eating disorder therapists:
using your experiential wisdom and knowledge in therapy

In the near future the Human Concern Foundation will start a training program for therapists who want to begin using their own experiential wisdom and knowledge in therapy. The training program is developed by Carmen Netten, founder of the Human Concern Foundation. She has more than 25 years of experience in treating people with an eating disorder and training therapists in using their own experiences and wisdom in therapy.

The program will cover a training week at the residential treatment center of Human Concern in Portugal and continuing education/supervision.

Accreditation for most US associations is submitted (APA, NBCC, Social Workers).

Interested in our training? Leave your name and E-mail on the right side of the page.

The story of Carmen Netten, founder of the Human Concern Foundation
Read the story of Carmen Netten (The origins of Human Concern).

More informatieon will follow soon. Please contact Sander de Vos (s.devos@humanconcern.nl), for any questions regarding our research projects.

-Consensus about eating disorder recovery
-Relation between psychopathology and positive mental health in eating disorder recovery

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If you are interested in the training for recovered therapists:
‘expert knowledge in therapy’ please leave your:

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